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Reasons why you need a cleansing balm

The beautician who has captivated models and actresses all over the world considers this product essential because it helps "protect and cure the skin".

The popularization of Korean beauty principles introduced the protocol of double facial cleansing and with it, cleansing balsams. The general public is familiar with these products, but the truth is that most people still use soapy products. Experts like Joanna Czech, a world-renowned facialist with more than 30 years of experience, explain why a facial cleansing balm is essential to your beauty routine.

The overwhelming reiteration in the beauty world about the effectiveness of cleansing for skin health is as lazy as it is true. Stressing it is almost as necessary as the dressing on a salad. At this point, nobody doubts about the cleanliness, although some questions may arise in the process such as what are the most appropriate products.

With the advance of science applied to beauty, this question is likely to be repeated throughout history. There will always be new products coming to banish others, or at least to compete with them. The case of balms is curious because, despite the boom in the popularization of the double cleaning protocol imported from Korea, it is still a product that the user has not quite gotten used to. It is more common for cleaning to be carried out with soapy products despite the fact that the effective depth with which the oil format acts has already been highlighted.

Joanna Czech, the renowned Polish facialist who is visited by celebrities like Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Uma Thurman, Karolina Kurkova, Amber Valleta or Kim Kardashian, admits she is very much in favour of cleansing balsams, though also of any product in oil format because she is "a great defender of supporting, protecting and healing the skin; keeping it healthy, hydrated and moisturized. The balsams help in this process and can be used on many different areas of the body for numerous purposes".

In the area of cleansing, Joanna gives herself to the facial balm both for private use and for her clients because "the fatty acids in the natural oils are the same as those used by your skin to create its lipid barrier. A balm creates a similar barrier that seals in moisture and keeps out environmental irritants.

Among the properties highlighted by the facialist, we find four that are fundamental to convince us of the use of this type of products:

Unlike creams or lotions, balsams do not contain water. This means that there are no microbial preservatives and the percentage of active ingredients is higher. Consequently their highly concentrated formula protects and soothes the skin.

It removes all types of residues and impurities, including water-resistant makeup without the need for excessive rubbing and leaving the complexion soft, moisturized, and radiant.
The balsams have the ability to repair many types of compromised skin, including; dry, flaky skin, eczema-prone skin, or burned skin.
Balsams, by definition, are solidified oils that melt to liquid when they come in contact with the skin, so large quantities are not necessary to achieve a good result.

They are also excellent for travel, as they are generally less cumbersome than creams and lotions. Although she has not left aside the rest of the products for a facial cleaning, since she adapts the treatment and the tools to each case in a personalized way, her passion for the oil format is extrapolated to any part of the body. She recommends balsams for lips, hair, nails, face… because it helps to improve the condition of each place where it is applied.