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Productos actualizados | January 17, 2022, 3:50 am

1000pcs Dupont Head 2.54mm

1000pcs Dupont Head 2.54mm 1P 1X1P Dupont Plastic Shell Pin Head Connector Jumper Wire Cable Housing Plug Female

200pcs Mini Micro Jumper

200pcs Mini Micro Jumper cap for 2.54mm Header (shunts) Short Circuit Block Jumper

10pcs/lot 2.54mm Circuit

10pcs/lot 2.54mm Circuit Board Jumper Cap Shunts Short Circuit Cap Computer Jumpers Shunt Cap In Stock

1Row PCB flying jumper

1Row PCB flying jumper wire OK line 250meter 820FT 30AWG single conductor

40-120pcs Dupont Line 10CM

40-120pcs Dupont Line 10CM 40Pin Male to Male + Male to Female and Female to Female Jumper Wire Dupont Cable for DIY KIT

100pcs/lot 2.54mm Pitch

100pcs/lot 2.54mm Pitch Jumper cap/short circuit cap spacing Pin Header Connector Long Type white yellow black red green blue